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Briana Pichardo

My name is Briana but I often go by "Bri". I have had many roles in my life such as gymnast, coach, plumber, caregiver, teacher, or broker, however my favorite one yet is "content creator"! As a content creator, one of my favorite areas to work in is the Airbnb and Hotel space. I absolutely love bringing my fun, relaxing, creative, adventurous or calming vision to life by creating unique content for the places I work with. I can not only offer scroll stopping content for you to use on your social media and for marketing, but I can also offer exposure by sharing your stays on my travel Instagram and Tik Tok accounts! You can check out my social media and previous work below to see if we would be a good fit.

  • TikTok
  • Instagram

La Casa Del Mundo Hotel

Case study:

476k views and GROWING

35% viewed the whole video

nearly 800 saves/sends


The Howdy Ranch:


Camia Resort and Spa

Photo 2023-04-06 12.22_edited.jpg

Death Valley Camp

Guest House in Moldulkiri

Somadevi Resort

How to work with me:

I would be more than happy to work with you and your vocation rental or Hotel! I believe that with my gymnastics skills combined with my creative eye, I can create truly beautiful content to help effectively market your home/hotel and entice others to want to experience your stays as well.

Step 1: Discussing your needs! This is where we find out what of content you want; UGC content (for your socials), ADs, or exposure from posting on my socials. We also can decide the style of content you prefer; fun relaxing etc. 

Step 2: Agree on an amount of content to be delivered and for either a free stay or an added cost depending on the amount of content desired and how costly the stay is in total. 

Step 3: Dates are discussed and set in place!

Step 4: A contract is drafted and both parties sign.

Step 5: I come stay, create and post or deliver the content to you (if UGC or ADs) with a watermark for approval. If payment is involved I will submit final content once payment is made. 

You can also contact me if you have any questions about what a collaboration would look like together.

Contact me:
Insta: @JustGoWithBrii

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